Listed below are a selection of gigs performed by Andy Pandemonium. Some venues have since been subjected to a name change, closed down or even been demolished completely e.g. The Whatnot, Llanelli - not our fault !


further dates / venues to be announced, so stay tuned ...

Dec 27th - Queen Victoria Club, Llanelli
Nov 23rd - Milkwoodjam, Swansea
Sept 19th - Queen Victoria Club, Llanelli.
Sept 2nd - Kilkenny Cat, Llanelli.


May 8th - Coppermans Arms, Swansea.
April 29th - Swansea University with John Peel.
April 22nd - Cardiff University.
April 21st - Moonraker, Llanelli.
Feb 18th - Dowlais, Cardiff.
Feb 13th - Coppermans Arms, Swansea.


Nov 30th - Coppermans Arms, Swansea.
Nov ? - Raffles Club, Llanelli.
Oct ? - Dowlais, Cardiff.
Oct 2nd - Cardiff University and interview with CBC.
Oct 1st - Cardiff University.
Sep 19th - Dublin Arms, Swansea
Sep 5th - Recording Studio for Radio Wales, Cardiff.
Sep 1st - Camelot, Llanelli.
Aug 28th - Carmarthen open air festival with Racing Cars.
Aug 23rd - Coach House Comeback, Swansea.
May 29th - Blackwood open Air Festival with Tony McPhee and the Groundhogs, Trimmer and Jenkins.
April 11th - Studio, recording 'Choose a Brite Color'.
March 24th - Dominion Theatre, London - 'Battle of the Bands' final.
Jan 29th - University of Wales, Pontypridd.


Dec 20th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Dec 11th - University of Wales.
Nov 20th - Newbridge RFC.
Nov 12th - Lyceum, London.
Nov 6th - Welfare Hall, Ammanford.
Nov 1st - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Oct 31st - Hereford Market Tavern.
Oct 28th - Cardiff Top Rank.
Oct 22nd - Rum Puncheon, Swansea.
Oct 21st - Aberystwyth University, The Pier Ballroom.
Oct 15th - The Isca, Newport.
Oct 1st - University of Wales, Pontypridd with The Steve Gibbons Band.
Sept 29th - Classic Theatre, Llanelli.
Sept 25th - Queens Hall, Narberth.
Sept 17th - Rum Puncheon, Swansea.
Sept 6th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Sept 5th - Naval Club, Tonypandy.
July 31st - The Royal, Abertridwr.
July 30th - The Isca, Newport.
July 2nd - Circles, Swansea.
June 28th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
June 20th - The Level, Ebbw Vale.
May 30th - The Checkmate, Caerphilly.
May 17th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
April 14th - Langland Bay Hotel, Swansea.
April 9th - The Swan, Fullham Broadway, London.
March 28th - Tycroes RFC.
April 11th - The Checkmate, Caerphilly.
April 30th - The Isca, Newport.
April 4th - The Level, Ebbw Vale.
April 1st - The Stowaway, Newport.
March 29th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
March 6th - The Royal, Abertridwr.
March 3rd - Langland Bay Hotel, Swansea.
Feb 23rd - Top Rank, Swansea.
Feb 22nd - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Feb 14th - Bristol University.
Feb 7th - Manchester teachers training College.
Jan 29th - The Isca, Newport.
Jan 23rd - Blackwood Institute.


Dec 23rd - Langland Bay Hotel, Swansea - Christmas party with Colin and The Immortals.
Dec 20th - The Royal, Abertridwr.
Dec 19th - Dublin Arms, Swansea - Christmas Party with Colin and The Immortals.
Dec 18th - Tavern Bar, Llanelli.
Dec 7th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Dec 3rd - University of Wales, Pontypridd.
Nov 23rd - The Crown, Caerphilly.
Nov 22nd - The Level, Ebbw Vale.
Nov 21st - Cardiff University.
Nov 7th - Casablanca Club, Cardiff.
Nov 6th - Baileys Club, Caerleon.
Nov 2nd - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Oct 30th - Baileys Club, Caerleon.
Oct 25th - Swansea University.
Oct 23rd - Cardiff University.
Oct 12th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Oct 11th - Dynevor Arms, Pontardawe.
Oct 9th - The Isca, Newport.
June 3rd - Tavern Bar, Llanelli.
June 23rd - The Isca, Newport.
June 13th - Cardiff University.
June 12th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
June 5th - The Isca, Newport.
May 30th - Crockers, Bristol.
May 29th - Crockers, Bristol.
May 27th - Tavern Bar, Llanelli.
May 25th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
May 24th - Shoreline, Burry Port.
May 20th - Langland Bay Hotel, Swansea.
May 1st - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
April 25th - University of Wales, Pontypridd.
April 27th - Cardiff University.
April 24th - The Glen, Llanelli.
April 17th - The Isca, Newport.
April 13th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
April 12th - Dynevor Arms, Pontardawe.
April 11th - Coach House, Swansea.
April 10th - Moonraker, Llanelli.
March 28th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
April 24th - The Isca, Newport.
March 31st - The Isca, Newport.
March 7th - Coach House, Swansea.
March 2nd - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Feb 23rd - Dynevor Arms, Pontardawe.
Feb 21st - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Feb 14th - The Isca, Newport.
Jan 31st - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Jan 24th - Circles, Swansea.
Jan 5th - Dynevor Arms, Pontardawe.


Dec 27th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Dec 20th - Circles, Swansea.
Dec 14th - Arts Centre, Marina, Swansea.
Dec 12th - Whatnot, Llanelli.
Nov 29th - Dublin Arms, Swansea.
Nov 28th - Whatnot, Llanelli.
Nov 24th - Coach House, Swansea.
Oct 29th - Coach House, Swansea.
Oct 1st - Coach House, Swansea (first Gig - supporting The Trembling Knees).